Thursday, January 22, 2009

CNY mode!

Today, for the very first time, I sneaked out writing and putting up this post in the office. Yea, the world is witnessing worst-ever recession in past few decades. No room at all for mistake (mismanagement)!We've heard about retrenchment, bailouts, jobcuts, layoffs, crisis, things like these. Ain't me putting myself at stake just to make this entry. Well, the world is also witnessing a sign of change when Mr President, Barack Obama is in charge. It's commonly perceived that he is leading to postiviteness. Hopefully! In fact, everyone, be it the country leaders, corporate entities or individuals need to do well this time around! So, let's be postive about the future!

Watched Transporter III last night! It's a real turn-on to watch. I like the muscular+bold+freaking car skill & sea survival skill+one-against-infinity+hot guy, provocative+bitchy girl, rigid+looking good+rocketing+Mercedes-kickass Audi. I thought it's pretty much compatible to Die Hard IV. Do check it out if you haven't!

is released today. However, I am going for the premier! Coz my style is lagging! WTH.

My sv left the office friggin early, 3pm, which inject a strong poison into my mood! Damn sien now! Can't wait to get home & be a CNY guy!


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Johnny Ong said...

ooooh u reminded me abt transporter 3. havent watch yet hehe