Monday, January 5, 2009

Fallen into deep shit (sick)

It's been a while without update. I've caught a cough for 3 weeks. I am actually too weak to put down writing.

My cough remained uncured despite having taken drug like "pipagao", "three legs cooling water", "cough relief" from the Guardian, to list a few. Am I getting overdosed or what?

Just this morning, I felt really unwell and lost my appetite. Having drank a hollick, but I literally threw out 3 times in the office.

What worst is that on my way back by train, I couldn't cope for even longer than 1 sec but to vomit inside the train. I was friggin embarrassed. I was thinking to drill a well to put my head. Luckily it wasn't packed at all in the train. Otherwise, somebody will be "wetted". It's just a handful of liquid that came out. One kind woman offered my a beg of tissues. Feel warmed by that...When you are in trouble, someone offer a helping hand, it's very much appreciated.

Finally I decided to go see doctor. I thought the company will give me ING medical card. However, it is only applicable in the case of hospitalisation as I am an intern. Sien lo. Paid RM40 for the fee. Last time parent paid for it, now I pay my own. Sien lo. The doctor advised me to avoid cold water and frills (fried food). Last saturday I had a Baskin Robin ice cream in Genting. It's RM 18, tasty of course. But the thing is paid so much to make my life miserable. Fark!

Hopefully my illness is coming to its termination as soon as tomorrow. I guess my body will need tonic alr...

Really fallen into deep shit, ain't I?


Johnny Ong said...

even when i'm well, by drinking horlicks will make me vomit also haha

Chemhoster said...

Oic, so horlicks is the culprit. Yea, I felt terrible after drinking it. Din aware about this.

sOuR said...

hey take care ya.. many ppl felt sick recently.. i was using a 'cool fever' also yesterday, till now haven't fully recovered yet.. its better that we suffer from it now, bcoz we will have stronger immune system after that to eat whatever we like during cny.. haha

Dody said...

please forgive daisy. i hope she din make ur illness become worse that nite in ur room :(

~Teng~ said...

hey getting better now?
anyway, must take good care of urself k
and ohyea...always bring tissue with u ^^