Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The weather has been raging. Got myself sweat profusely in the room, no the furnace. Btw, I guess my room ain't taking good fengshui when the sun strikes entirely into the room in the evening, and also it grants access for the bad odor from cafe.

May be I should revert to a solar energy project for my FYP. I suppose we can yield good production of electricity while the photovoltaics (PV)technology isn't going anywhere far. By harnessing immense energy against low PV efficiency, I'm somehow convinced that it works. Well, any expert, pls enlighten me.

Another interesting thing to combat warming --vegetation. Somewhere in the world has implemented an incredibly unconventional way -- Green Roof whereby they carry out vegetation covering the roof of their buildings. Not only it absords heat, but also it absords the green house gases. It's truly an one-stone-hit-few-birds method, isn't it?

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Jim said...

lol not an expert, but maybe if your project yields 0.5% efficiency, youre damn good already. lol. make a solar chimney! :P