Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm hell engaged with FYDP, short for Final Year Design Project. Somewhat similar to ETP, but by no means it's lots more technical.

As suggested by its name, it shall take into some research works to set up a chemical plant from scretch. It indeed is a good platform for the chemical practitioners to exercise the learned theories and put them into practice. For example, plant design dealing with various units operation, material energy balance, economics, process control and so on.

As for my situation whereby I've diverted into some chemically-irrelevant stuffs during internship, in other words, I've abondoned chemical eng, well not to say that I'm having problem big time, but then again, it's gonna squeeze me hard to refresh, swallow and reproduce the learned stuffs.

Another shit is that I'm the group lead. When I'm inadequately resourceful, so as the rest of members, I guess we're sailing to nowhere. Grudge! ...

Why don't they arrange the course prior to internship ler...I hope I won't be screwed.

Anyway, positive mind works things out. Hopefully it does.


Johnny Ong said...

whatever u think it will happen. so start on a positive note every morning and work towards it

all the best!

Chemhoster said...

Worrrr...Law of Attraction?

Yea, it's important to chill up and remain positive.