Monday, February 22, 2010


"Gong Xi Fatt Chai". Hope it's not too late to say this.

Wonderful time always passes fast. It's been a pretty great celebration. Nothing different from those of my age, had a marathon of friend gatherings to attend. Some of them had real good story to tell. Of course some did bullshit a lot.

When I was young, I burned a lot of fire crackers, which translated into my forced-savings. I did have great deal of fun doing so. It felt like putting up good show for people. How incomplete a CNY is without firecrackers, right? However, I play no more these days. Culture is passed on to the young generation.

On Day 1 coinciding the Valentine Day, we had a bulk celebration whereby we went to beach at night and constructed a candles-lit heart shape. I thought it's mere fun. Any way, this was something fresh to us.

I brought in poker game to my friends . Ironically, the first-timers won away my money. Keep wondering if they were THAT lucky or they're phycho geek.

An UTP friend, TH dropped by with her friends. They're interesting fellows. Glad to know them.
After all the fun, I'm back for bad. Whatever it is, Happy Hu Nian.

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