Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finding a Spray Nozzle that exerts 70 Kpa water flow

Have you ever thought of the technical specs of a spray nozzle? This sounds stunning, no?

It's all due to my lab which reqiures a spray nozzle that flows water at 70 KPa (specified by American Petroleum Institute). Unfortunately, the uni doesn't won one according to the HIGHLY reliable source, the lab technician.

Being not able to obtain what exactly I need, I resorted to the hair spray of my room mate. Yet, there's another problem. How the heck am I going to measure the pressure of water coming out from the nozzle? So, I consulted the google.

Step 1 - Get the key-words right. Instead of spray nozzle, it's adjustable spray bottle.

Step 2 - Convert 70 KPa to 10psi (more widely used)

Step 3 - Search for something compatible to my subject in terms of the pressure range. Peek here there. Not in ebay but in Amazon.

Hopefully it works tomorrow.


Jim said...

DIY a pressure vessel? like pumping air/water into a bottle? lol. all the best mate.

Chemhoster said...

Nope, it's a simple sieve analisis. Thanks man.