Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My adventure #1

I guess adventure is becoming my type of game. During the break, I joined the Outward Bound School, Lumut. It's by far the toughest camp that I ever been to. The major activities include 2 sea expiditions ( whaling + sailing & kayaking) and 2 nights camp-outs. Being on sea for a duration more than 5 hours doing all the physical things, we worn out but we just gotta keep going. Strong mental came into play. Awesome and life-time experience I would say.

The Outward Bound School.
Just last saturday, we conquered the Gunung Kledang. I actually did it twice. There are basically three routes accessing to the top (the Menara TM), muddy+stairs, tarred and through the trees respectively. During the first climb, I used the muddy+stairs route. Thus, I thought it's a piece of cake to do it prior to the second climb, which we took the literally hardcore route (through the trees).

Arrived before it broke dawn. It's like 6 if not mistaken. Hoping to catch sunrise but we're up there too late unfornately.

Taking "the road not taken" mistakenly leading us to all kind of unexpecteds. As we're all totally clueless about the climb, it's pretty risky. Getting lost, the wilds, the spookies and stuffs. touch wood*. We walked our way through following the red knots along way using two MISERABLE touchlights. But yea, it's seriously untrodden route.

See the happy face. Still hadn't sensed anything going wrong. OMG...nonchalant?

We kept walking, resting, walking...for more than 3 hours before we got to the top. It's pretty exhaustive. So again, mental took over physical. Remarkably, the air up there is refreshing. The view is breathtaking.

On the way back. The tarred road. Though following the gravitational force, it hurts as our tapak kaki kept pressing against the hard road to slow down. We actually had used up our energy alr by this. How nice if there's an unmanned car!

Taking shortcut. The mud+stairs. Quick dangerous too but we're engineers. We got the way.
So, basically we're so done with Gunung Kledang.
What's next? KK mount, Everest?
One thing for sure, I'm in process to becoming a mountain ranger! Js love doing it.

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