Monday, April 12, 2010

Pulau Redang is no longer meant for general public

Yet another controversy popped out in a place where nothing is impossible, the bolehland. I bet 100 bucks that you are for certain amazed to learn this.

Pulau Redang is set to be a high-end and exclusive tourist destination. Source.

Among the specifics given by Terengganu MB:
- Only hotels rated five-star and above will be allowed to be built.
- Hotel rate shall cost no less than US$500 (RM1599) a night.
- As a measure for curbing environmental destruction and indiscriminate littering.
- Budget tourists are asked to opt for Pulau Kapas and Pulau Perhentian.

Am thinking if there is conspiracy of making it a private island?? Like Pangkor Laut owned by YTL group which is exclusive and niched for the affluent class of people. Of so many preventive measures to abate the environmental damages as a result of massive tourism, do they actually need to resort to a move deemed as desperation.

Check out what others say about it.
Elitism is being practised openly
Resolve problem by raising money beyond everyone's reach

Quickiy book your flight to visit Redang or later you will be charged RM1600/nite.

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