Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soon to leave uni

I got my final exam slip this afternoon, marking that I'm a soon to leave guy. Sadly, many deadlines are lining up yet, thanks to that I'm a chemical engineering student.

Roughly speaking, it's been 5 yrs me dwelling in this place. Here I had my ups and downs. I entered the uni as a totally independent entity as I knew nobody at all. Over time, I mingled around and found some dudes who share the interests of mine. During the freshman years, this was kind of easy as people were going to the same classes, and yea we knew each other little. We cooked maggi in the middle of nite and chat-chit yet went to classes the next day morning. That's fun.

As time flips, various factors kick-in leading to grouping, separation, alienation and stuffs. At some points of time, I sort of losing a lil sense of belonging, but yea friendship is something to be valued, managed and treasured on, I wouldn't say I've championed it but I guess I'm doing pretty well. Cuz I know well that being stuck in a deserted place like this or probably anywhere u go, friends or the companions are what cherish u.

As I've come along, shits happenned occasionally. But believe me or not, they do turn out to be sweet reminiscenes.

I constantly feel that this place way sucks but yea looking back in time, I did have quite some blast, ironically. I make new friends, I've grown up a lil, leaned a bunch, exprienced a variety of stuffs, and etc, all thanks to UTP.

I'm certainly looking forward to the day I'm leaving, and I hope that the remaining days are beautiful that no heatwave, no projects, no tests, sorta things. Dream on lar...

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