Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The cool moves I had around uni

Inspired by final things to do before uni life ends, I kinda gave it a thought as to what have I done worth to be nominated for the Chemoster's craziest moves in UTP.

Well, I certainly sick of the routine I have here. Things like classes, assignments, meals, naps, basketball, sleeps, get-aways js keep looping day in day out.

Here goes:

1. First hang-over.
It's an after-prom party. We joined in and clubbed at Voodoo. It's my first visit. Nice beats, packed, pretty much happening. On a dare from ZP, had a few rounds one-go of pure Tequila. Shake the body, checked the floor, get low sorta things. In the end, puked a little, passed out, but yea, I had a great deal of fun! Unfortunately, some crooks snapped my stoned face. Damn..

2. Birthday prank 3 yrs back.
It's at the nitez of my birthday, the dudes asked to play basketball. Din sense anything amiss, I tagged along. At one point of the game, C.K, the pale-looking frail guy collapsed to floor after something (forgot). I was taken aback and dashed to him trying to wake him up. After much effort and some time (15mins), he remained unconscious. I knew nothing about first aid, but I knew well that this was getting critical. The others ain't did much too. In desperation, I asked someone to call a driver to send him to hospital. It's Chong (not mistaken), which then followed by the scene that Xi Yi holding a cake. Then only I realised that it's a show specially tailored for me. I think them Oscar stars and it's a sound plot too! They GOT me. This should stay with me for many many yrs!!! Thanks!!!

3. Silly offence in front of security in the noob year.
Was with a fren (w.k) walking towards IRC. He forgot to bring his matric card which may be punishable of something. Forgot about the reason, I handed him my matric card and had his Tailor college matric card instead. It so happened that the security confronted us. She found out that I was using matric card of other Uni. She condemned me that this could b a sign of disloyalty to UTP sorta stuff and made it like a big big deal. Being a noob, we din process much, we freaked out and kept admitting to the misconduct and apologising. That's how noob we're! No different than a plain sheet of paper!! I would have sounded her back if I were being selamba a lil more.

List goes on...

4. Awesome stunts regarding tests.
Once, I went for OM test knowing absolutely nothing, not only I lost track with the lecturer, nor I did a lil revision about it. Was too occupied. Of course, I was gonna cheat. The funny part is that it was Reja whom I peeped the answers from. He is a Turkmen who did pretty badly in academic but he seemed confident with his answer. Will find out whether it pays or not to buy him in time of trouble. The phrase that best describes my situation : "Ji Dou" in canto.
It's a big joke too about EIS test I had recently. I spared js a couple of hours going through the past year. Again, was too occupied. However, I actually nailed the paper. Study smart actually pays in this case. The funny part, it's Bayram (another Turkmen) who snatched over my question paper on which I circled my answers and passed me his question paper. I was left in suspend for a while. "Everybody" saw it but the invigilators. What's a stunt.

5. Bombastic club annual dinner
It's perhaps in my 2nd year when I organised the ICC club annual dinner which was at ballroom in Clear Water Sanctuary Golfclub. The dinner's arrangement is somewhat a breakthrough in the context of utp's culture, which I would say very much dominated by malay's culture. We divided the dinner into 2 sessions. First half is pretty much official as we had award giving and dining in presence of the rector. Prior to the second half, we sent off the rector and pumped in some good energy with Auntie Mable band performing live. Pushing aside the tables to make up some space for a dance floor, everyone was sort of got high and moved along. At points, it might go a lil wild. But it's definately awesome watching them having so much of fun.

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Manji said...

i actually anti with security people,too. High graduating within two weeks too. Good luck to you...