Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Of noisee munkee's

I got to know this dude when I entered UTP. Since then, we have been co-rooming for nearly 5 years. Wow, freaking 5 years already. Without reasonable doubt, he is one of my best buddies in the campus. I'd like to dedicate him this post.

Sucking cincau-teh in Old Town Ipoh

Avril's concert during Merdeka eve.

State of being molested. Get yaself a pepper spray.

Inspector Noisee Munkee for English II.

Locating national treasure during convo treasure hunt.
Remember we went mamak till the wee hours of the morning and
then found ourselves exhausted to hunt.

The last two standing.

Posing in the V1C-cell (syok sendiri)
~Happy Birthday~

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