Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The chemy outing

The sand art game.
The triathlon game

The Greenies

The rubber passing game

The assembly before push-off

The netball game

The Blackies

Being amongst the graduating students, we the chemies are soon to bid each other farewell (of course lar). Having been through the similar range of encounters (easeness, hardships, torture, joy, tension, relief and the like) together for nearly 4 to 5 years, we thought it's fair to celebrate upon their completion. On top of that, it's good to celebrate the identity of being a chemie, a lil something of which I have my pride. I have to say it has been bumpy journey, and without reasonable doubt, we all have come a long way. Congrats to my (course)mates.

So the chemy outing was today (the whole day) at Teluk Rubiah. Thanks to Achul, who volunteerily took up the responsibility to organise such outing. We all have been so occupied till lately. Of huge accident and mistake, I was taken as assistant project manager nonetheless I didn't help out much. My apology to the committee.

With regard to the event, it went pretty smooth. Convoy consisting of nearly 30 cars from UTP to Teluk Rubiah, wasn't it breathtaking? Apparently, the turnout was more than marvelous. Luv ya sporting-ness the chemies. I did have good fun, personally. The mini games such as passing of rubber bands, passing of balloons, run- crawl-puzzle, sand art were kinda boring. However, after lunch, the games were exciting, of which the netball games was my favorite and my team emerged winner. Hehe... Also, we had tug-of-war just by the beach in rain. It's such a terrific experience. May soon attach sum photoes here.

It's definitely one of the memorable events throughout my campus life.

All the best, the Chemies-to-be.

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