Sunday, June 13, 2010

Huge minerals reserves discovered in Afghan

So, I came across this interesting news. It said nearly 1 trillion of mineral deposits found, an amount which is so significant that it is claimed to potentially alter the Afghan economy and perhaps the war itself. Among the deposits identified including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metal like lithium (the key raw material for manufacture of laptop batteries and Blackberrys). Can you imagine that Afghanistan becomes the "Saudi Arabia of Lithium" and transforms into one of the most important mining centers internationally when the country is in a terrible chaos thanks to the terrorism and corrupted politics.

Further in the news gave some analysis of the implications due to the discovery, both the positive and negative. Among them are the prosperity brought about by the resources, the possibly intensified battling of Taliban to take control of the mining business, a more corrupted Afghan government, worsened China-US relationship, degradation of environment due to irresponsible exploitation, and so on.

Immediately then, scenes in the Blood Diamond popped out my mind. Terrific and meaningful movie it is!

Such discovery may be viewed as a prosperous gain, but to greater extend, it can always leads to disastrous torment to the underprivileged, innocent and vulnerable public of Afghan.

Let's pray that peace will prevails in the land of terrorism. =)

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