Sunday, June 6, 2010

A concluding note

Wow, my university life has finally come to an end.

Attending university has long become a norm for today's society. However, having grown up in an isolated island, the environment wasn't as competitive in terms of education in the old days as compared to the urban area. Back then, the people in my community didn't actually view education as a survival kit. Sad but true that most of us are up to nothing but enjoying slack life. Thanks god that I didn't go too far with the kind of thoughts. There had been several individuals who had helped me much and yea I got lucky to land myself in a pretty decent university, or so to speak eventually.

It's been 5 freaking years already as a university student. Ups and downs happened, inevitably. The univerisity brings together people from different locations and background and thus a variety of personalities I've encountered. At times, I was shocked with some discoveries. Again, thanks god that I've made some great friends here who are true, who are more than willing to help, who are there for enjoyments and adversities. I seriously couldn't ask for more other than this. This point onwards, everyone's gonna head to different destinations, difference and alienation should arise, but I hope the friendship remains resilient over time.

I used to be very impatient to get out from this place, but I'm having mixed feeling now. I do wish I could stay longer, wish I could doze off in lectures, wish to hang out with dudes and so on, wish to crack a lil more jokes and so on. The reality bites. When it's time to go, we just got no choice. Well, let's embrace what's there awaits for us then.

What a great time it has been. May be it's because that I'm a happy person who tend to forget about the bad times.

Wish everyone a good future.

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noiseemunkee said...

hey..good luck to bro..friendship stays