Saturday, August 7, 2010

Somebody masuk longkang

Weather was just nice this afternoon. After getting some stuffs done, I decided to go "on-patrol". Being unemployed, I'm doing nothing but guarding off the island from any invasion or intrusion sort of things. Plain craps, but yea, I rode off slowly enjoying what the mother nature has to offer, the soothing breeze, the merciful sun and the scenic seaview. Nope, I wasn't checking out for chicks. Instead, I was kind of looking out for any signs of construction and devestation done to the used-to-be a wonderful place. In fact, I have always been vigilant on this since the arguably renowned Datuk Zambri was officially made the Menteri Besar of Perak.

Alright, back to the loser story. While I was having some fantasies on my mind, a motorbike overtook me swiftly. I was kind of shocked as it was all out of a sudden and I literally heard nothing coming from my back. Spooky?? My initial thought was: Walao, so fast meh!!! Need or not!! Chill lar bro...

Ahead of us was a van moving slowly and further down is a narrow sharp corner. Instead of slowing down, the man-in-act went on speeding up trying to overtake the van. As blocked by the van, he got off from my sight momentarily. To my surprise, there came an incoming proton saga from the opposite direction going kind of slowly too. Immediately I started to wonder how would he even manage to get through it based on the difficulties: *narrow*, *sharp corner* and *incoming car*. I rode on and then I saw him came to a halt already. He had got himself plunged into drainage channel by the roadside. He just stood there, unharmed and seemed frustrated. The bike got cacat a bit kot!!

Thanks god, it didn't turn out an accident, rather a failed stunt. That said, I think I'm a much skilled rider than he is. Yea, I always speed on the road but the difference between us is that I control my speed, at all time.


wenyee long said...

u sure that u control your speed all the time? i know..u always speed de woh..

Chemhoster said... lar...Safety owazs comes first de...must go fast mar, the road is very narrow, can jam up easily.

khooiyee said...

You really really bored.... ZZzz