Thursday, August 19, 2010

While unfolding of TBH's death

His death was suicidal or homicidal? This is absolutely a big case, as many things are on stake now including the justice, humanitarian, the reputation of the country, the credibility of profession like law and forensic pathology and so on.

Dr Pornthip, a renowned forensic pathologist, risking her personal security, came to testify in court for the second time few days ago. She has ruled out suicide in disagreement with the other three pathologists hired by MACC (two locals and Dr Peter Vanezis, a brit).

Dr Pornthip. Very the *chio* right, but she is highly recognized for her piece of work and professionalism

The case is being really so well plotted out. Perhaps all are acts fuelled by desperation to hide the truth. Dr Porthip's report was made public in recent inquest and the world (both the locals and internationals) watched a *world class* inquest. *World class* because we have thai and britain national pathologists as witnesses and "world class" lawyer Abdul Razak. Haha...

This is him, the *world class* lawyer. Widely criticized for his incompetence despite 24 yrs in service. But yea, his great sense of humor is out of question.

If you have little/no idea about TBH's case, read this through. I assure you it makes your day.

Here goes my fb comment in dedication to Teoh's inquest.

*In short, TBH's case shows a lot of ugly sides about the country (the corrupted execution system, the sluggish jurisdiction system, the incompetence in profession of law, and the bias and superficialness in forensic pathology. Indeed an insult to bolehland*

Hope the truth will be revealed soon.

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