Thursday, August 19, 2010

Handling of phone call pon a lot std deviation

These days, companies normally have their own websites for whatever reasons la. Of course one can always find the contacts of the companies from their website for whatever inquiries.

Am doing jobseek recently. I searched for contacts and called up quite a number of companies Here goes some of my experiences with the ladies on the other end of the line.

Company A-->I actually got contacts of several personnel of the company. I called them up one by one and to my absofreakinglutely surprise, none of them actually picked up my call. Apparently I was kind of taken aback. All of them are away, really?? Public holiday or what?? By the way, a friend of mine told me that he had to call in more than 10 times until the call was finally answered. It means that this is a constant situation which may have been around for months or years, god knows.

Company B --> I called up the general line. A receptionist picked up and was damn blur about everything, so she forwarded me to another "expert". You know what, the "expert" was freaking blur too, she sounded like she just got awaken from sleep or something by the call. Her tone was bad which made me think she was on her period. Absolutely wtf.

Company C -->The receptionist was fast to pick up my call and was very helpful. Sounded professional, directed me to the relevant personnel who was adept at responding my inquiries. Damn impressed.

Company D --> The personnel was someone whom I'd dealt with before. Impressed because she is still able to recognize me although I have not been "bugging" her for a while already. Of course, she was helpful and able to provide me the tips I wanted.

Different companies make different level of phone call handling. Some are satisfying while others are not. I wonder whether phone call response actually reflects the operational efficiency of the company cuz I can see that some screwed up companies suck big time in it

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