Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seeing good trend in things

Don't I look good on my CNY cloth...It's so red, I might well wear it during CNY Day 1!

Things are going pretty awesome. I've secured what I have been up for, landing on the department which, in my firm belief, is offering the industry some technologies of tomorrow.

MPD --> Let's drill for the undrillables!

Some major changes in the company's management and policies are taking place. Of course I will be affected in one way or another. However, let's don't bother about what is beyond our control...or simply control the controllables...

For one thing which I am goddamn sure of, I have a lot a lot of things to learn and pick up. It's so much fun that you know you are absorbing so much stuffs everyday. Time's lapsing fast, you see, I mistook today for wednesday. The last thing you want to do is thinking a way to kill time, and this is not my case, indeed terrific.

Things have been lovely thus far for me, let's hope for the good if not better.

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