Monday, October 13, 2008

Being the #31

Everyone seems to complain about ETP. Well, honest speaking just this evening I started to feel the pressure on, sort of tremendous though. I'm gonna explain why.

Last week, my group did the prototype fabrication presentation to our supervisor. He is a truly gentleman. The reason for it is that he was very happy with our prototype and he said that we are definitely among the shortlisted participants for Engineering Design Exhibition (EDX22). No question that we got a "pretty" score for that.

After that we are sort of dismay when finding out our group was actually not in the participant's list. In fact, the feeling was contradicting. At the same time, I felt blessed as lots of troubles will thus be skipped. What are the things required to compete in EDX? Poster, design booth, presentation rehearsal, flow idea, pamphlets and most most troublesomely manning the booth 24/7 on the event day.

But this evening, my sv texted me informing that my group is officially entering EDX. It came to me such a big shock. Heck man, this is gonna be terrible LAST MINUTE. I was nervous about stuffs other than this. Cummulatively, I was dead tension for a moment but I've got over after a nap. Cekap.

So, I guess we are the #31 group as there should be only 30 groups. Or we are replacing some quitters! In contrary, we're the fighter!

Actually we're not that screwed up. My sv told me that previously it was due to some mis-communication. Alright, I am gonna nail EDX!


Integration of Swiss LifeStraw and Taiwanese Water Pump

Will soon available in Wal-Mart.


Charlz said...

wah!! all the best to you! :) hehehe

Johnny Ong said...

not bad, m'sian invention sold in usa