Thursday, October 16, 2008

The resurrection of Dark Knights

It's not a continual of The Return of Dark Knight.

However, it's what happens around my residential area in campus. Why is it so?

Here is how the thing goes. It had been several when the everywhere here plunge into darkness due to a short period of blackout. It's quite common here but no one can be sued for this as the university itself generates its own electricity. What is unusual, peculiar, and bizarre is that immediately when the light goes off, everyone freaking gets high. To be more precise, insanely high.

First, the place is freaking turned upside down! It becomes alive! People scream frantically at top of their voice. Just shout out loud! They are true rockers! It's even more powerful than the best cheer leaders anywhere around the world. I do contribute little! Lol! The atmosphere is even better than RUMS! Being around, the excitement is truly felt!

Secondly, people mock an Iran-Iraq war. Out of sudden, the ammunition explodes! My true legend neighbors freaking play firecrackers. Some fly up to the air, some drop to the ground from higher floor and "BOOM". The "Boom" just spreads on like wildfire. Looking out the window from my room, I seemingly heard someone talk to me, "sit back and enjoy". I would say it's even more wonderful than beholding a firework! I bet that the Altatunya C4 bomber get freaked out seeing this. I bet also some even purposely climb down from their beds to light the "bombs". That's how insanely mad are the people here!

The power resumes in 5 minutes. Peace prevails!

Well, honestly speaking, I love the show! I love the sounds! I pray for a blackout everyday! The life here must be a lot more fun.

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Dody said...

agree!! now utp has its own RUMS!! no need go ipoh, haha.
it is just so exciting after having some stress moments, then this blackout is sth like a short break to have fun and forget all the things we need to do.

in this current too-dependable-on-electricity kinda life, once blackout happen, we cant do anything else (no computer, no cooling system, no light to take bath, no light to do just anything in the room).

as an information, those blackout sometimes are meant for safety purposes. maybe in any other electricity distribution system there is a short occuring, which will draw a sudden high current. in order to protect the electricity equipment at the lower voltage (LV) side, a tripping of circuit breaker is necessary in order to SAVE all of those equipments. of cos the drawback is a very-happening blackout time in utp where everybody gets HIGH all of a sudden.

before we say the utp's electricity system is bad or not, we should know the particular substation supplying electricity to our campus hostels. see the total power output from the substation. i believe it should be able to accommodate all of the rooms in full capacity, unless some students start to use a high-power consuming devices such as washing machine, extra frige, additional portable aircon at room, amplifier, etc.

maybe some suggestion for better improvement on the electricity performance is by using a standy generator. so in case of any sudden tripping of circuit breaker, there is an automatic switch circuit to generator mode, so the blackout can be minimized up to only several seconds, or soemtimes only a sudden dim (drop of electricity voltage).