Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vote for Good

If you are underage to vote in general election, or even the by-election (p/s: No worry, you're not a loser, because so am I) if you're Vote-Maniac, why waste your talent!

I am gonna feed your appetite.

It's about choosing a name for my Engineering Team Project (ETP). As you all know, name is crucial for branding! Btw, my etp is a water treatment device used to filter water outdoors wherever there's a water souce. Primary targeted buyers are outdoor activities goers like hikers, campers, backpakers, and even fishing goers.

You are gonna do me a big favor by putting your vote! Appreciation in advance!

Important features:

Highly portable
E.coli (bacteria & virus) free
Longevity (filter 700 litre)
User friendly


1. E.Port-700 - [E.coli free, portable, filter 700 litre]
2. E.PortR-700 - [E.coli free, portable, robust, filter 700 litre]
3. PFR-700E. - [Portable, user friendly, robust, filter 700 litre, E.coli free]
4. PortF-E.coli - [Portable, User friendly, E.coli free]
5. PortE.coli - [Portable, E.coli free]

1 comment:

Charlz said...

naturally, the one with the most number of good things, i vote :)