Friday, October 10, 2008

When it's hard to say no!

I seriously find it hard to get along with people who are narrow-minded, particularly those who take religion wrongly, those who like to preach about their religion, who like to repeatedly interfere people way of living which is viewed as bad in their religious forth! To some point, I admit that I am a racist as I always perceive that all Ma Lai Ren falls in this group of people unless they prove to me they are not! Therefore, it is totally elusive that I hang out with Ma Lai Ren.

Until yesterday, never in my life that I'd attended a Hari Raya Open House. Upon invitation by my ETP mate, Intan from Falim (Ipoh), I gave out my very first Open House attendance! Perviously, my etp members took away my very first sahur at 5am. The reason that I lost my virginity twice is because of the Social Morality. While the other members had agreed to go for a meal together, it's hard for me being the leader to say "NO". In addition, I feel that I should get closer to them to smoothen the project. Well, you may say I abuse Social Morality. However, living in a multi racial society, this is how you should conduct yourselves.

Talking about the Open house, our arrival was greeted by the tuan rumah of course. There has already been around 10 utpians. Made a quick scanning, I was the only chinese. I felt awful and sort of freaked out! I thought that I was in a totally wrong place. Luckily the tuan rumah is a teacher who used to go to my school, SMK Pangkor being the state cocu center for attending khusus. So, I had a little conversation with him. I settled down on a table with 5 people. Luckily most of them I am familiar with. The awkwardness gradually faded. Soon after, I was chilled eating the food. Thought got satey but they didn't serve. Sigh...

As a whole, the dinner wasn't as bad as nightmare! Boleh Tahan lar...

I however still stick to the principle being immiscible with people who think narrowly!

Btw, this weekend leaves me with huge anxiety. Will unveil if things turn out right...I pray really hard for it!

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Johnny Ong said...

u shld feel proud for being the only non-malay fella .... count it as a privilege.

my life motto - live a life that will impact those who will cross my path