Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, I should be sleeping at this late hour. Got paper to write tomorrow! I had been on bed, however to find myself just spinning around like Sin Chan, couldn't doze off. I got up and try some "Piano Love Song" to get hypnotized!

So, back to the title-->Survivor, yea the TV show hosted by Jeff, (Not me Okie). I am not trying to hype about it and by all means it need no me to P&P for it. It's among the TV shows that can actually catch my full concentration. Every single element appeals me well, ranging from the participants, the challenges, the exclusive rewards, the jungle survival skills, and more importantly the game plan which means the ways people kick ass as well as kiss ass.

Among all the seasons, the most exciting for me is Season 16-Fans versus Favorites. So much of tricks as well as twists. Basically there were freshies and people who ever participated and have had some experience. The latter group somehow had formulated a scheme how to go about playing the game and thus they had advantages over the freshies. In this particular season, the players were very competitive to each other, be he/she a social player/ physical player. Ones who have no physical can still outlast themselves in the game, because they were outwitted/outskilled the rest at influencing and persuading people. "PCS is important in this game!" Basically the women had formed an invincible alliance. They just freaking played blindsiding. The big men were being voted out one after another consecutively during the tribal councils. They are strong in challenges (games) but that didn't work for them at all.

There are some events which I like to highlight. Ozzy, one of my favorite players was the first victim being set after the merge despite having the immunity idol which he had found in the exile island. Presenting the immunity idol at the right timing is so crucial to avoid being voted out but the women just made him so comfortable to not use it. The same mistake recurred by several guys. Yet, the Ice-cream scooper gave up his individual immunity idol which can actually secure him a spot in top 4 and probably the title of "Survivor " and walk away with USD 1 million. The woman who received his "biggest gift" however turned on to him by voting him out. This certainly made new record in survivor series. The "women alliance" in the game was "fcuking" cut throat and they are "cooking". I cracked my head trying to figure out how they actually managed to blindside people again and again. Its like magic. In the end, the girl who flirts around won! I would say she deserves it though.

Season 16 is certainly not-to-be-missed.

Now, I am tagging with Season 17-Gabon. Can't wait for episode 8 to come out.


wenyee long said...

Got paper the next day still had time to write a post..geng!
it had been such a loooong time i din watch survivor d..

Chemhoster said...

Yea, of course geng lar! After writing this, can just sleep away. Use it if you can't fall asleep, It's very effective. haha..

Lol...you miss such a good stuff. Btw, Season 13-Cook Island is very nice also. Same goes to Season 15-China.