Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pinky tag

Another taggie:

Person who get tagged is to list 7 weird things about him/herself. Also, he/she should at least tag 7 people by listing down their name and notify them by leaving comment.

How weird am I?

1. I don't like gaming (computer game). I don't play cs, dota, babo or whatsoever games besides euro 08 which I also barely play. I am about to uninstall it.

2. When I got lazy, I don't think and virtually have no efficiency. My paces slow down, I am prone making careless mistake. My writing just goes illegible. It always happens when I am writing papers and ended up countless "screwed-ups despite knowing how to do".

3. My composure (chillness) has huge standard deviation. I got so excited/nervous about stuffs until I got insomnia. However, sometimes I just chill and feel nothing for some big stuffs.

4. My laughter can be as worse as hysteria if I want to. It happens when I get very comfortable with the surrounding and people. Otherwise, I will just keep mouth shut and talk little. Cos I'm scared to be "empty vessel" but "makes more noise". It comes to me as big humiliation.

5. My conversation can vary from "heaven to hell". I talk courteously also foully, depending on with whom I am, where I am & what the occasions are. But yea, most of the time, I use proper language and I do always ask people to watch their language.

6. I always appear to be joking, but actually that's the way I got serious. Well, not dead serious but I am actually getting things done. People just can't understand me. What an orthodox, isn't it. Well, I am seizing such "bad habit" though.

7. I have never been in an "official" relationship.

Weird about this girl:

1. She recommended the USM-Cafe Western food. I did check it out, precisely the Arabic Chicken Rice. It tasted nothing special to me though. haha...

2. I somehow got to know she fancies Japanese much such as the manga, anime, may be some pop artists... Am wondering if she is good at speaking Japanese.

3. I am assuming that she is somehow a banana. She doesn't speak mandarin, (perhaps little) but she does speak Hokkien.

4. She blogs lots. She keeps complaining time is running out yet she is actively posting entries to feed her readers. haha...very committed blogger.

5. She can't swim, but she can float. Again, I am assuming.

6. She ar, sometimes very talkative but sometimes just keep quiet!

7. She ar, going to work for "Giant", I mean Exxon...Anything weird? (Paiseh, lack of idea)

Who I like to tag?
1. San Nien
2. Kha Loon
3. Wan Sin (tag back)
4. Tee Hooi
5. Melvin
6. Wong Ning
7. Kenny Sia (Ridiculous)

Hope you guys see it and be sporting!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea whether you are tagging me...
Coz I saw Wang Ning there, and HAHA, I am Wong Ning =P

Chemhoster said... sorry, cos I heard people called you "Wang Ning mar"...

It's edited anyway! Chill har..

Anonymous said...

Lol, is okie :) Didn't feel offended, anyway. Already get used to it :)
Btw, is "huang ning" la.

Pinky said...

I did not check out the tag since I couldn't load the page these few days! 1st of all... d USM food i recommend ... I said nice in my taste... might not b for u =P~~ ... n d mediterranean chicken is best la... not the arabic chicken... =___="

I really can float leh... swim a for short while not long =P... hehe n my running out of time is to study nia...i sumhow will manage to find time to blog to release stress or to keep myself from being bored~~

lol...anyway good luck in ur exam!

Chemhoster said...

Haha...I din see the Mediterranean Chicken in the menu...The only one on the menu that seemed to be special to me was Arabic Chicken. So I ordered. I thought you said this one. Lol...

Good lar, you learn to swim fast. Perhaps can join Olympics London later...hahaha...

So, more post mean more stressful you're kar? Lol, I couldn't fall asleep the night before my first paper, E.Econ, then I got up writing a post. After that I just dozed off quickly. Very effective "hypnotization".

Pinky said...

HAHA... not owiz hav one ler... i was lucky usually i go that time sure have... haha... who knows... mayb u dun like it too.. =P

eh blog helps release stress quite efficiently leh... although after tat i still complain to others lol