Thursday, November 6, 2008

I dun abondon "CHEMHOSTER"

Yea, the title is right! I mean it. It has been pretty long no update.

Nothing happened? Of course not. Even the US general election has been disclosed. Osama, no I mean Obama will take over Bush soon.

Well, there is a sound reason behind it. As a matter of fact, this was the period over which i was being nervous, got stuck, helpless, emotionally disturbed about a matter --> my attachment.

Here the story goes. One of the "thousand" companies I had applied called me for a meeting/interview. Guess where was it? The Starbucks in Ipoh Parade. Well, it's Halliburton standard. Almost as selamba as slb. Anyway, as long as thing done, right? Actually, that day my interviewer, (to-be supervisor) just so happened to come by Ipoh and I was the one who suggested Starbucks. Lol ... I supposed there was no better place to meet in Ipoh. (should have get some idea from the Ipoh GPS--Ang Khian)-->She is the consultant for Ipoh Mapping, nice food, nice places she knows them all.

During the interview, I was made to understand they are offering placement in Landmark, one of the divisions in Halliburton which I had known least and expected least as well. (Bet you have no idea about it at all) I initially thought to do mud. No choice, gotta go with the flow. The interview was also selamba. I wasn't questioned much technically but some cocu and software stuffs which I learned and forgotten alr.

Soon later, which was within a weeks time (in week 12), my sv confirmed me . I gotta breath some air then. Good doesn't last long. Since then, I hadn't heard again from the HR nor my sv. It was touching week 14. I called back to my sv who was in Beijing that time asking how's thing going. gone fast ler! He said that he had submitted my name to HR and HR will process and soon issues me offer letter. Until now, I haven't received it. But yea, I just called the HR, she said she is processing it and can only get it done next week. Oh my Oh...pretty sluggish!

I think i need to rid it off. Otherwise, I will continue to be insomnia. I understand being worried can't help stuff, but I just can't help myself. Also, I heard of many cases of insomnia. haha...I am not abnormal either!

So, my offer letter shall arrive next week and marks the milestones in my university life. Gotta stay 8 months in KL, tentatively Wangsa Maju. Whenever I like, I can "bird view" the panorama of KL cos I'm working in KLCC.

How long I've been waiting stuff to be finalized, you roughly know lar. Fyi, I started applying since week 1 & I probably get final confirmation, (offer letter in exam week)...Ngah Di... The feeling so sucks!

Take a chance to wish everyone best of luck in finals.

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S h e a T e n g said...

congratulations.... finally got a secured place huh

Chemhoster said...'re fast! See later in KL..

Melvin Tan Zi Hern 陈梓蘅 said...

jealous of you lo ... can work in the malaysia's highest building lo ...

Asylum_Seeker said...

Ipoh GPS huh?? are wrong leh..
Ask me about Penang, KL..I bet you will be amazed..:)

Johnny Ong said...

congrats ..... i'm just nearby klcc ......abt 5 stones' strong throw away ......

Chemhoster said...'s the tallest and most stable in the region!

asylum seeker huh...walao, i am thinking to make you into handheld device...guiding the way around. haha...

Johnny, ooo you are somewhere close by...Perhaps can bump into you by chance...hahaha