Saturday, November 29, 2008

100th post

Been inactive for some time! Simply because I got no internet access. So, I am now hitting my 100th post. For me, it's considerably a little tiny achievement. Hooray...

P/s: Please dun be such a dumbass to perceive that Pangkor people is deprived of internet access. We're very much developed in many ways! I "guess" 3G is coming there soon. Well in years to come.

My holidays really thumbs up. I didn't travel oversea, nor did I travel to anywhere in Malaysia. I just went back hometown. Hanging out a bunch of "old" dudes who always joke ass off, happening and crappy to be with. Our routine was just simple, not a little sense of "hustle and bustle". We went for breakfast & yamcha sitting hours in Kopitiam everyday (spoil people business as occupying the table for unreasonably long), picking up badminton, and more interestingly we went fishing. Fyi. despite being an island boy, well I may seem to be a sunshine "beach boy" or what, I just pick up fishing recently after 21 years staying in the island. (feeling nauseating alr? =)).

Well, I'd like to talk about fishing in particular. My gang has never fond of going fishing. Perhaps I'm too much into the Survivor tv show , I just put forward the idea of going fishing. The rest seemed to like the idea. So. we lend some fishing robs and headed to an obsolete jetty. As it's extended out into the sea, we didn't have to throw so hard to get our bait (prawn) into deep water for big fish. It's a gloomy and windy afternoon. Otherwise I may turn into char coal being under hot sun as it's unshaded. So, we got the business started by penetrating the prawn over the hook and put it down into the water. We waited impatiently for the fish to eat the bait. Well, we were kinda lucky. After 15 minutes like that, my friend alr got 1 fish. That's my first time seeing someone fish up 1 fish. Soon later, my other dude got 1 also. Finally it's me. I first feel some tension in thread. However it's gone after like a second. I thought the fish had gone. But my friend told me to keep on winding back the thread. Thereafter, the tension was back and getting greater. My fishing rob got curved up pulling the fish up. I got so excited winding the thread and finally the fish surfaced. It's almost the size of my palm. I unhooked the fish and take a second shot. At times, I could feel the tension in the thread, which means that there's fish eating my bait. Unfortunately, they didn't eat together with the hook. My fish got another 2 fishes which totaled up to 5 fishes as our hasil tangkapan in 2.5 hours. I thought to bring them to restaurant for some kinda Portuguese Ikan Bakar but then nowhere seems to cater this. In the end, I didn't get the chance to taste the fish I fished as I was departing for my internship.

What's funnier is that there were some malay fellows who appeared to be some kinda experts in fishing. They didn't get a single fish unfortunately. So, I'd conclude that fishing has a lot to do with luck. haha...Because they didn't expect to get a single fish, we didn't even prepare a plastic bag for it. So, the fishes we got were scattered on the floor. The so-called experts were eye-ing on our fishes, could felt some jealousy from their eye. haha...felt so good!

My first ever official fishing turned out to be phenomenal experience. I think that I am soon to get my own fishing rob. May go fishing again in coming CNY.

By the way, is it obligatory to learn fishing as that I am a island boy? haha..


charlz said...

Tagged!! :) since Pangkor so developed and you have all the connections ma.. so sure can do wan! bwahahaha!!

Johnny Ong said...

going back to hometown to relax is the best way to rest, away from the fast pace life in the city