Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Snapshots-The Curve

The Curve's Street, Damansara, KL

The Funtasy Four

The santa and santarinas ...getting ready to woo woo!

Warming up.

Where are the chicks? like all guys only...

Please har, these are not Kong Ming Deng!
Almost wanted to play KungFu there. Drunken Master.

Projection into the Curve Mall. Btw, irresistible sales on!

The santa's deers. What is the exact name, anyone?


Huge decor. Was astonished at the first sight!

Feel good! Thought to bring home the flowers.



The Street is so much Christmas-like.
Good lighting, Food, people, ambience of course.

Sorry, this is Sunway Piramid.


~Teng~ said...

suang lar u!!!
here no x'mas!!..sien!! went out do nothing :(

Johnny Ong said...

deer's name is rudolph the red nose reindeer

Chemhoster said...

Teng, I thought you people are off to Brunei, no? It seems that the sarawakians don really celebrate Christmas.

O, its called rudolph. Tx Johnny.