Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-day's thought!

Yes, finally v-day is about to over.

It's a fairly good festive for ones who wanna do merchandising. For instance, flowers, chocolates, cards, food, perfume, and not to be forgotten handicraft or DIY.

Apparently, I sound pretty much affirmative that I'm single. Today in particular is kinda displeasing or even grieving for the singles as romance is to be sensed everywhere you go. The singles are very much allergic to romance on V-day particularly.

Excerpt from AK
" Valentines Day is pretty dreadful. It's the day which reminds you how single you are, and all the 364 days of you being grateful for the freedom singlehood offers, suddenly the 14th highlights the fact that may be, being double is much happier."

Yea, I can't agree more with her about this. Very well said.

I went out with bunch of UTPians, had a satisfactory meal in Kim Gary Midvalley branch. The conversation was hot. Watched Slumdog Millionaire. An Indian movie took place in Mumbai, whereby a nude fellow successfully walked away with 20M Rupee having answered 10Qs correctly in a "Who want to be a millionaire " TV program. This movie reveals how he manage to do this. It's quite nice. Go check it out at your convenience.

So, here am I doing this pathetic post. I hope the same day next year thing is different. Is there any love consultant who I can turn to for advices. hahaha...

I would like to dedicate myself 《心跳》 & 《星期六的深夜》. Good luck!


Johnny Ong said...

businesses didnt earn as much as previous yrs as people were quite modest in their spending this time for the v-day

Asylum_Seeker said...

OMG. I was quoted! I should probably start writing a book!

Chemhoster said...

Yea, many are tight with their spending under the economic pressure. That's y can see sales though the big days are over.

Asylum seeker, well, I guess you soon to get yourself new gadget, Iphone or IpodTouch or something? hahaha...blame OST, she said you like have having note printer! hahaha...