Thursday, February 12, 2009

To my surprise hor!

On the way back taking LRT, some people were discussing about where to go for vacation. Out of the blue, I overheard "Pangkor". Someone was damn ass-kissing about Pangkor. He said Pangkor's seafood is damn cheap and damn delicious. He said also the hotel is damn cheap. It's sort of like he knows it all about Pangkor. (Cantonese's saying: Know little, but wanna be the rep!) Anyway, what's a complement! Well said x 2! He was damn promoting Pangkor. On my behalf? I didn't give him any benefit! So, I officially take the pride as a Pangkorian from this point of time. I was about to leave my ass in the air.

On another note, Datuk Dr Zambry, the new Perak Menteri Besar is from Pangkor as well. Hopefully, there will be some funding to my beloved hometown. With $$, you can't rule out the possibility that Pangkor is turning Dubai II. Hehehe...

Another surprise! After the futsal session with colleagues in Ampang Sukan Kompleks, we went over to Suzi's Corner, a pretty run down restaurant just behind the kompleks. I had a yummy (middle red) beef stick with black pepper sauce! It tasted real good [the beef is jucy, some partially fatty and cuttable (by teeth)]. But hor, it's RM 29, with which I could dine-in Chilis outlet in KLCC. I've heard that the sticks in Chilis is fantastic but haven't yet put a piece in my mouth. Sigh...js another schlumberger restaurant in Ampang. However, I think that it's quite famous as I could see many foreigners and locals, business is good!

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Allen said...

Pangkor become Dubai 2?

Well, I wonder how long he will sit there.
I prepared for re-election. I can't wait to cast my vote again.