Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LRT's misfortune!

As usual, was boarding a super-packed LRT. However, luck wasn't with me today. I mean it.

One poorly-groomed ROUND guy stood just by me. He looks no different than an ustaz. Having him stood in proximity is already disgusting to hell to me. His bushy beard is adequately nauseating by its own. He's so closed to me that his filthy belly was virtually rubbing on my thigh. Ya, RUBBING! My modesty is swiped in such a nonsense way. I gave him several tiger-eye but he din bother me at all. I was about to lose control into punching the fat belly! He just didn't take it as a big deal and kept rubbing. For hell, it's the biggest disgust in the recent past to me. I dodged and he came forward, like needing my thigh to scratch his itchy belly. WT-Fark. Finally I reached KLCC with so many "fantasy".But, he's about to labor! I mean the scenes of me wrestling him down the floor and bouncing on his belly like a trampoline. Really sweat! Macam-macam can happen in LRT. Yesterday's one was a fantastic-heavenly journey!

Btw, my internship first visit by UTP lecturer is just over. To those who haven't done it yet, just take it lightly as it has zero weightage on the coursework. But do prepare the training schedule and Form B sumtin.

Suffered sustained toe spasm. Come on, cramp at the toe. It ridiculed me, but not as much as the above asshole!

To make technical post on PE.


Dody said...

haha, i once had a 'heaven on earth' kinda experience in LRT =P

Johnny Ong said...

belly touched thigh ..... how la?

Melvin Tan Zi Hern 陈梓蘅 said...

Are you sure that he's on purpose? Can't imagine that you can be so attractive ...

Jim said...

lol mine was in the bus! >< i feel for you. we are the apparently hot guys. :P

dont bother about mel. hes not as hot as us. :P