Sunday, February 22, 2009

A night at Jogoya

It's a Friday night in Jogoya!

The plan was rather instantaneous. This gentleman, Ian texted me to go for a Japanese buffet supper in the afternoon on the day itself. I did give it a second thought. The reason being that it costs RM80-100 per person (including tax). In addition, I'm not quite used to raw food. However, I was coaxed to join as there's some discount.

Jogoya does have a wide variety of frills to offer! I really indulged myself to the fullest. I whacked anything that seemed handsome/charming to me. Some of them I dunno even know what they are. In brief, Jogoya is like a combination of Tenpayaki (terrific black pepper steaks), Sushi sashimi, seafood (fish, king prawns, oysters...etc), chicken (nothing-so-special), For dessert, they got yummy Haagen Daz ice-cream, confectionary stuffs, fruit puddings and so on. For beverages they got fantastic young coconuts, green tea, cocktails and even wine. Before leaving, I actually lost 60% of my sense by bottom-up 2 glasses of wine. Felt real good!
Jogoya doesn't pay me to promote for it but I have to say it worth the money paid!

Such a giant oyster or something! It's baked with cheese. It seemed damn handsome too. However, I didn't put it into my stomach. The reason is that it's raw! I had to spare a VIP ticket for it. What's a pity! What a waste!

After an overwhelming supper, we went for a walk down the Bukit Bintang street. Guess what, we're so lucky to spot a Lamborghini parked in front of JW Marriot hotel. I had always wanted to see it with naked eye. It's like dream come trues! It's such an exhilarating sight! Next, I want a Buggati Veron!


Johnny Ong said...

there's a bugatti in town .... it was just besides me on duta highway

Chemhoster said...

Wao...Are you sure? It's incredible! I thought it's still a conceptual car up to date.

~Teng~ said...

suang ar!!!!