Saturday, March 14, 2009

MU lost!

On the way back from dinner, FY stopped by a stall for a wafer. It's 8.35pm and coincidentally, BPL (MU against Liverpool) was being aired live. Without much discussion, FY, Melvin & me hanged out at BRJ (most popular mamak around Wangsa Maju).

Sarcastic but yea, I personally love playing football though I'm not fever for BPL or any other soccer leagues.

As a matter of fact, MU has always been at the top (#1). It receives wide popularity, more than any other English FCs. Liverpool, on the other hand, is slightly less favored standing right below (#2) . No doubt, it gotta be a stiff match.

FY is a fans of MU. Hence, I chose to side Liverpool in order to put up a "fight". MU did take the lead by 1-0 soon after the game kick-off. Ronaldo made a wonderful kick in penalty. However, Liverpool stole whole highlight making goal by goal in following minutes. The final result is MU 1 - 4 Liverpool.

Interestingly enough that we were watching the match under a small personal umbrella. It's drizzling and our table set at the unsheltered area. Of course it's a damn gay scene with three guys squeezed themselves under an umbrella. However, we were legendary to stay tuned for 90 minutes long match.

It's a first of its kind experience! Since when I got crazy about BPL. OMG...

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