Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unexpected "Operation"

I hesitated quite a while to make a post on this incident. Thinking that I could make an ingredient for laughter out of it , here it goes like this!

Early that morning, I went to office as usual. I boarded a lift with another colleague. He, is actually the company's finance controller, or so-called "big shot". I'd never made any conversation with him before but I greeted him whenever I met him in the office. This is to show my manner rather than me "kissing his ass".

The lift takes a good minute plus to reach level 42 before we switched to another lift to go higher. I could proudly say that me, being an intern, have successfully made my presence felt as supported by the fact that he (big shot ler) could recognize and greet me even we're outside the office (inside the lift). As I personally couldn't stand the stiffness in air if we both did not talk at all, I got the ball rolled. However, I was like lacking of idea what to talk. I was clueless about this person. So, I shot only.

He appears to me like a foreigner, most likely from India.

Me: Morning Sir, how are you doing?

Big Shot: Good. You?

Me: Good too. Are you from India?

Big Shot: No, Kansas. (blur tone). You're local right?

Blar blar blar. The lift arrived. The story should proceed into next scene.

Setting: A heavy figure was walking in my direction. He is the boss of bosses, or short GM. I wonder what could have make this fellow come to me in person!

Bigger Shot: Did you talk to XXX ( the finance controller) this morning? In the lift.

Me: Ya, I did.

Bigger Shot: Did you ask him whether he is from India?

Me: Ya, I did.

Bigger Shot: Why did you ask so?

Me: Erm...I just wanted to make a brief conversation.

Bigger Shot: Do you have any clue what you're doing?

Me: Yessss.

Bigger Shot: I think you don't. Please next time don't go around asking people where they are from.

I was stumbled, hanged and speechless a while.

Me: Ooo...Ok sir.

GM walked into pantry and talked cum laughed with someone. I cracked my head trying to figure out what the problem is. I wonder how did GM get to know about this conversation! Don't the big shots have much better things to talk among themselves instead of gossips/nonsense! Perhaps mixing up Kansas and India is way ridiculous.

Anyhow, since it's the GM who came up to me and sent a very strong message about this, I'll, as much as possible, avoid "shit" like this!

"Going around asking people where they are from", it potentially leads you to shit! Do take note on this.


Johnny Ong said...

crazy fella. if people is incorrect, just be helpful and tell the right answer or solution, not just warn and walk off. this the type of snobbish people who thinks they are up there

Kha Loon said...

Russell Peters is an Indian but he is a Canadian.

Next time dun just assume.
Instead of asking them "you from India?". Why not "where you from?"

Korean and Japanese are lookalike but.......they are not the same. :P