Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get it out. Go back.

Sweat.Sweat.Sweat...The software that I've been working with all this while failed to execute this Mon. It's a nonsense failure. I've never made any changes to the setting, neither have I installed new software. Over the week, I just focused on getting it fixed. However, it's still perished. Hell sake. Even My sv couldn't do anything about it. Install. Uninstall. Setting. Security. I kept iterating the procedures. How the hell I should stay chilled!

For one reason, I go icy chill. Gonna take leave tomorrow. The faulty software has been haunting my mind the whole week. Get it out and go back and get tainted with so Caustic Soda (garam). Great. Topping it up, there is friggin Thai Pu Sam during this weekend. I always love watching Thai Pu Sam.

Very simple formulation: Get it out. Go back.

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