Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Saturday Report

It's a Saturday morning when I should have got up late! However, not long after the dawn broke, me and 2 dudes went over to Petrosains. As suggested by "early bird catches the worm", we gotta be early to collect the free admission tickets. So, this was in conjunction with 10th anniversary of petrosains. Otherwise, I, or perhaps we won't even bother to check out petrosains lar. Such a lame place for a little fun, isn't it? You're quite wrong if you have this thought.

Petrosains, does have a series of things to offer, well may be it's only recently. It does even greater good for those who're in love (be it great or little love lar) about o&g exploration and production.

It's recently topped up its collection with "Jurassic Park", which was our first stop. I've to say that the conned dinasaurs were very much alive. What's a work of art. Terrific! I love T-rex! There are also some interactive games for information revelation.

After brief hang-out there, we proceeded to "Petrosains", where there's display of theories of physics, and more interestingly, the petroleum engineering (PE) showcase. Got miniature platform(i.e. control room, hostels, kitchen...), drill bits, drill strings, derrick man, various rocks, chopper simulation, and so on. In addition to that, there're some PE and G&G (geologist and geophysicist) to share experience. I did find it pretty much informative lar. Can say "Not bad"!

Next, Midvalley. Heard there's Velocity Girls runway show or something. Humsup? Whatever you like to say. Unfortuantely, we reached there after the show! iissskkkk. We had real good lunch, the Ikan Bakar Portugese! Again, I've to say "Not bad"! Check it out if you haven't. Aimless rooming at the megamall. Missed the "Knowing" by National-Treasure-Man, Nicolas Cage, as a result of friggin Q. It's Saturday! Shit.

Back to KLCC, for witnessing the Light-Off by Twins Towers. killed some time by hanging out at the Grand Prix booth inside Suria KLCC. There's a F1 fuel filling contest, whereby per day they're giving out a cool watch, costing >RM1500, to winner who takes the shortest time to fill up the tank. I think I'm a swift person. Hopefully I get to sign up myself. Btw, it's open for all. There's also a >RM700K M3 Coupe being exhibited. And of course, no exception for the showgirls. Whatever...

When the Maxis-Tower-Clock ticked 8.30pm, the light of the Twins Towers went off sequentially from top to bottom. They appeared to be like two gigiantic monsters right in front of you. Wondering they might come forward to assasinate, it could be fearsome. What an imagination!

Eventually got home with shear tireness! This Saturday was "NOT BAD"!

P/s: No photos, the reason is because 3 guys outing mar, better don't leave shit to accusation!haha...

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