Friday, May 22, 2009

Blessing in disguise

Two days ago, an IT support guy came to me. He wanted to seize my laptop. Not because that I had some big political conspiracies in it--(UPM case?). Not because I keep some "videos-of-interest". But because of that the machine of a finance staff broke down. There's no more spare machine. The company is cutting budget. Purchasing a new machine is like too much of a budget to consider! harrrr.. Well, it's imperative make a machine available to him so that he can resume his works. Therefore, somebody would have to surrender his/her machine. By all means, this somebody would inevitably come from the underprivileged group. Yup, that's me, being the sole intern fellow in the office. Well, I could back up all files but the applications, which bothered me terribly. It's quite of an exhaustive, provocative and frustrating job. Several things need to be checked to make up a good "environment" so that the machine can seamlessly run the program. Erm...perhaps I'm not an IT geek.

Anyway, I got a new machine in addition to 2 X 20'' monitors. This is a much bigger view than than the old combination, which is a 12.1'' laptop screen+ 20" monitor. More importantly, my current machine is a speedor! My old machine used to take me minutes for rebooting and lagged like hell, even when running on Word 2003.

Back to installing software, I've gained a breadth of experience from previous iterative works. And yea, I managed to get one, which used to be the most leceh one fixed! The others are ""on the progress. Pathetic ler...

After all, getting incresed view, faster speed, a chance to brush up installing appliations...Can I call it blessing in disguise? Anyhow, I have to tell myself so...No choice!

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Johnny Ong said...

better still. haha. ask them to take other stuff as well