Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Damning explanations!

Previously on the "amazing" guy--the houselead! Know more.

Yea, we had an "audience" with him. In me, his mark got slashed well below zero.

He technically gluts the monthly car park rent. However, he had many ridiculous theories to support that how supposedly it is the money be kept by him. He commented that there are many worse houseleads out there. He said like it's as though we are blessed for having him as our houselead and we should be grateful. For me, those nonsense houseleads are like SO WHAT ! I just have to mind my own business. That doesn't concern me a lil. Ain't I right? I can also say there're many houseleads who are doing very well and it most likely happens that the goods outnumber the bads. The point here is say only mar, who doesn't know how to. Arh...perhaps we didn't really know. That's why we were kinda speechless just now. In fact, he overwhelmed us with so many stupid facts which we actually have got no clue to find out whether or not there're such things, how true the things are. All like he said only. I assume all nonsense. All I care is the present tense, not the past tense lor.

He unnecessarily returned us early some amount of money, like RM30 which we earlier on had paid for the master room was left unleased. In fact this money, of the exact amount of money can be returned to us at later date. He claimed that it's all for our own goodness. Well, I totally dun buy this, nor I appreciate his self-thought-to-be kind doing for he had lost my faith.

He asked what for he does so much for us, what for being so calculative, why as an university fellows, can't us help out with the housekeeping thingy, throwing out all sort of complaints about us. Well, all I can say about these is a "repay". He is the one who sparked out these.

He claimed he just wanna make our stay here happy or whatsoever. All are CRAPs. Erm...I really am not sure what're the goods that he brings to us. Well, perhaps all the bad things he did have blindfolded me alr.

And one thing, let's guess what he standard is when he had to use those screwed-up cases to make himself outstanding, as though he is capable to beat up the rest, of bunch of craps.

Now i've learned what good that I get from him. I've learned to orientate myself and deal with this kinda personality next time round. haha...

Not much time to see you around...gonna sayonana...so just chill out for the moment and stay happily together then. Reconciled?


sOuR said...

hey chill chill.. don't u think that those 'examples' he gave were all ridiculous crap which I can't accept at all.
He was like slapping his own mouth when he said he helped a friend to argue with his friend's house leader for unreasonable fees.
I like your way of stopping the argument just now "Ok, how much is the change?"

Melvin Tan Zi Hern 陈梓蘅 said...

Collect whatever info of the fellow. Hentam him kuat-kuat after leaving. Need help?

Johnny Ong said...

some people are really good at talking even if there was nothing to support it. gifted but used wrongly hehehe