Friday, May 15, 2009

The Feeling Cafe

For bidding farewell to a fresh friend who is leaving to Kuching for internship in Quantity Survey thingy, we decided to move the team to a cafe, instead of BRJ mamak, a more than usual hangout ground for the bunch of dead-bored interns here. The cafe, by name Feeling cafe is nothing different than any other "musical" cafes like Station One, Halo, and Hard Rock.

When it comes to "musical" cafe, two things are of particular importance to make up good ambiance for enjoying the F&B along with live songs. Firstly, the interior design+lighting+air conditioning+free smoking zone. Feeling cafe was doing great job in all these. I rate it 7/10. Secondly and more importantly, the live band.

Last night was quite a blast. The live band was fantastic! It's made up of a female vocalist complemented by two guys, one on guitar and the other on keyboard. They both did sing well also. The female really rocked the floor by her sustained high voice. She was almost as good as 信乐团 by the song <死了还要爱>. She rocked this song, not faking her voice, not ran out pitch, and she won so many hands. After knowing that she is pretty much a diva, we started to order big songs and it's so much fun that she sang most of our songs. It's as though I heard "hey man, bring it on" from her. I was thinking that she is like the iTune that plays any songs upon click.

Asides the home band, it's surprisingly topped up by two invited guest singers, (one male one female). The guy who sounds almost like Bon Jovi I repeat, Bon Jovi, presented the songs (I will be there for you, its my life and kenangan terindah). I could identify him as singer from his first speech. Haha...He totally rocked the audience. After that the female brought about sweetening effect to the floor. She is goddamn kawaii. By look, by sound, by smile, she is way better than 杨晨林. She presented the songs <红蜻蜓> & <我是一只小小鸟>. She said that bird peopel sing bird song. Har...Joker type of people.

After all, it's enjoyable!

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