Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's hot here--Go Feeling Cafe!

The air quality in KL has got everybody here damn bad recently. The haze is "terrific" that it smells like something being "burnt". The heatwave is totally unbearable. Collectively, they make you feel NO like breathing.

Literally, it's driving me out of sanity now. So, what can I resort to for a run away? Please suggest me NO mall and any shopping spots. Yea, as it's mid of year, the sales has got everybody here crazy too. It's very much of a-piece-of-cake job to make you succumb to the marketing means before you. By this, i mean the price cut is superb. For examples, Sales up to 70%, "2nd item at RM1" signs, flat price RM xx, Jusco Day...etc. Obviously this is a golden time to do shopping, but I just have bought myself too many stuffs. So, any idea for heat rejection but mall!

I went again to the Feeling cafe last night. It's friday night which tends to excite me more than the nights of any other days. For the marvelous songs, for the "shimer-in-dark" ambience, for the people, for running away from heat, for killing time, for a gathering with dudes, for meeting up some divas and so on, it's certainly worth better than going to any mamaks nearby.

Yup, it was a blast. Home band remained the same people. However, the floor was brought to a stun by the appearance of a local chinese female artist, 罗忆诗. I didn't know her until last night. Well, she is quite gifted. Her voice is good and can go substantially high and more importantly she composes songs. On top of that, there was a fantastic host popped out from nowhere to help organising a birthday celebration for a group of people. I particularly like his version of birthday song. It's so much of conviction and his intonation is vibrant!

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Johnny Ong said...

its the high humidity which is causing the heat unbearable. the weather in sudan is just drier and u dont sweat