Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Personalities around month of 7.5

Full moon is going to show. It's July. Summing up these two will be equivalent to month of 7.5. Orite, get it straight, the Hungry Ghost festival is approaching. I guess this festical applied only to Chinese anywhere alike.

During this period of time, there're three major personalities that I've observed.

1. Of highly supersticious bunch - they tend to link all sorts of bads to the festival itself. For example, car break down, get a minor cut, near-miss accident, defeats, sheer careless mistakes. The festival is so unfortunate to be their scapegoat - they also tend to be insanely imaginative - freak out not only themselves, but the people around them, as they can make hell big a deal out of nothing - of course, they are pretty much horrified all times. Also, they tend to be extra careful (+ve) or paranoid (-ve) during this period. Some even refuse to travel.

2. Of it-doesn't-concern-me bunch - they simply are too scientific and everything should base upon solid proof. If only the real "figure" appears right in front of them, or else they just don't buy it. Might be the case they claim that "figure" an alien or something other than "ghost". They always have peace in mind and soul. Just chill out.

3. Of no stand bunch - They are sort of fluidized, tend to flow and influenced by the people around them. I sort of pity them coz normally the highly supersticious bunch outnumbers the it-doesn't-concern-me bunch. They listen something, then go and imagine something, and eventually have themselves agitated over nothing, erm probably there's something, i dunno. haha...

This fella is diligent enough to detail out the dos and don'ts. Click here.

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