Monday, March 1, 2010

Just-In-Time ain't all good

Doing things in excess or in deficit is pointless in most situations, or so I think. Hence, I truly appreciate the word "Just Nice". From here, a brilliant concept has emerged, the JIT (Just-In-Time). It is such a vital concept where operations are concerned, especially for big organizations. It allows for the just-enough inventories and thus an enhanced cash flow. McDonald, a global giant in fast food industry, has adopted this idea that the operations in any of its outlets run smoothly and the customers never fail to enjoy swift service from them.

Recently I've picked up JIT too. I'm reflecting on two instances. I started my FYP progress report 5 hrs before it's due, more unbelievably an assignment 1 hr prior to its deadline. (It's because of the heatwave lar!! hehe) I managed to hand in both JIT-ly. It hasn't caused me any harm probably because that I'd forecasted the workloads pretty accurately. But the thing is that I gotta rush my ass off (din even have time to go toilet?!!). Sooner or later JIT is gonna come and haunt me I believe.

JIT is supposedly tactical but I've made it a fair substitude for "last minute". Time to rid it off!!! But I've contracted the FSS (Final Sem Syndrom). Swt! Swt! Swt! Is this called oxymoron?

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