Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's talk about the mission

We (the final sem ppl) probably find ourselves taken @ swept away @ haunted by the final year projects.

But pls be reminded that we're on an enormous mission. A mission to infuse the Final SEM student syndrom (FSSS) -- upgraded from Final Year Student Syndrom (FYSS).

So, basically we're gonna have to concert all our energy in expanding the Fei Chai's list. Well, when we bid our goodbye, at least we got something black and while stating how happenning it had been back then.

We need creativity. we need bombastic ideas. we need more outstanding jokes. we need more cool actions, more valueble craps, more wonderful wonders

We gonna spread laughters, happiness, cheers, we're gonna propagate them all.we're gonna make something out of nothing.we're gonna champion the infertile jungle.

Isn't this a great mission which we all should take part in? Anything (at all) that sounds COOL, report to the publisher (xiyi)!

We'll triump! We'll triump! We'll triump!

Let's be the southparkers, shall we?

1 comment:

Melvin Tan Zi Hern 陈梓蘅 said...

Pangkor got wrong dy la ...
Should be Final Year Final Sem Student Syndrome (FYFSSS).