Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dunno # what tag alr...

By Pinkie

Just K.I.S.S it. (Short&Simple)

Real Name: Ho Ching Shearn

Nick: Jeffrey. Not Pangkor pls! Si Pinky ya...

Horoscope: Sagittarius

Shcooling: S.J.K.(C)Hwa Lian, S.M.K Pangkor (was once legendary--notorious, Gonna be one more year in UTP.

Loud/ Quiet: Quiet. No denial pls!

Sweats/ Jeans: Jeans, rugged look.

Phone/Camera: Camera Phone, 2-in-1, more convenient.

Health Freak: Lots to say. I never go on diet. Neither do I opt for a balanced diet for meal per day. Always have my supper. Got sleepy when I'm. Fuller, sleepier! haha..Can't deceive myself to doze off with empty stomach. Nevertheless, I seldom fall sick. The thing is I always work out. No doubt, exercise is very important for health lo. And I have a good figure, don't I? hahaha...whatever!

Drink/Smoke: Hatred smoking. Will get migrant with "free" smoke. Booze, sometimes.

Do you have a crush on someone? Erm...Someone crush me lar!

Eat/drink? I drink to live. I live to eat. With exception though.

Piercing: Last year guo. It's sealed up! Bad experience. Suffer minor "ear" operation.

Tattoos: None as of now.

Social/antisocial: Selective! Love to social with fun-beings. Well, people group themselves by what they have in common.

First relationship: (egg)

First best friend: No idea. I js know that I got bros, i got dudes.

First Award: Oscar best male artist,1987!

First Kiss: Not sure its taken by dad or mom ler, or may be the nurse. I was cute mar.

First pet: Not applicable.

First love at first sight: Such a great thing! I'll worship those who attain it. I don't think that one who always has lots of thinking will ever hit it.

First big Birthday: 24th November 1987

First surgery: Several stitches long back.

First sport: Basketball.

Orange/Apple juice: Orange juice.

Rock/Rap: Rock

Country/Screamo: Both no.

Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera: C.A

Night/Day: Night, when the evils turn true form.

Sun/Moon: Moon, it comes out at night.

TV/Internet: TV is a subset of internet. So...

Playstation/Xbox: XBox.

Kiss/Hug: Kiss...I guess.

Iguana/Turtle: Both no.

Spider/Bee: Both no.

Fall/Spring: Winter lar...

Limewire/iTunes: Probably iTunes--APPLE product mar...but 千千静听 is better.

Soccer/baseball: Soccer.

At the time being:
Eating? Rewriting this blog due to HTML error thingy.

Drinking? Rewriting this blog lor...

Excitement level? Very calm.

I'm about to:
short goal or what? I looking for signs of change! Good change! Everything!

Listening to:<太阳之歌> by Kaoru Amane

Plan for today? Get a good rest.

Waiting for: so many...Shortly: 5M+Xenon Flash Camera phone, my graduation, & of course my love! hahaha...paiseh paiseh...

Energy level? Low, Everyday is exhaustive.

Thinking of someone? Yea...Missing you.

Future plan:

Want kids: Ya.

Want to get married? Ya.

When? When I'm financially stable and ready for commitment.

How many kids? 2-3.

Any name on the mind? No.

What you want to be when you were small? Fire fighter.

Careers in mind? Somewhere in E&P-Exploration & Production.

Something you would never try: Suicide, drugs.

Mellow future/wild? Wild.

When do you want to die? Don't even wanna think about it.

Which is better in the boy/girl you like?

Lips/eyes: Eyes.

Romantic/Funny: I do the funny part. She does the romantic part.

Shorter/Taller: Shorter.

Nice Stomach/Nice Arms: Nice Stomach.

Sensitive/loud: No for both.

Hook up/Relationship: ...

Trouble Maker/Hesitant: Thoughtful decision maker. Perhaps asking too much.

Muscular/Normal: "Fit" is better.

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger: No.

Broken a bone. Yes, fish bones.

Lost glasses or contacts: I don't wear specs.

Ran away from home? Never will.

Held a gun/knife for self defence? No yet...

Killed someone? No yet...

Broken someone's heart: I did.

Had your heart broken? Can say so.

Been arrested? No.

Cried when someone died? Ya.

Liked a friend more than a friend? Never.

Do you believe in:

Yourself? Depends, what, where, who,when...

Miracles: No really.

Love at first sight? I think I should.

Heaven? Ya.

Santa Claus? No.

Tooth Fairy? What is this!

Kiss in the first date? Why not! haha...

Angels? Always around me!

Answer truthfully:

Is there 1 person you want to be with right now? May be...

Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now? I think not bad...Things happen by Law of Attraction kan? So be positive!

Do you believe in God? I have faith for god. I believe in Karma.

TO tag: U


Johnny Ong said...

born in pangkor?

Chemhoster said...

Not so sure...Most probably Ipoh...Alamak!

Johnny Ong said...

aiyoyo .... ipoh is in pangkor la. why yr geography so terrible one

sOuR said...

You are quiet, if everyone in the world is deaf.