Friday, April 24, 2009

The "amzing" house lead 三人行

The global tranquility has all the while been agitated. Conflicts among countries can take a slower walk, but never will they cease. Agree? Peace barely takes control of the world. Well, not even a freakingly small house community, which made up of 9 people, talking about my temporarily rented house now!

The structure of my house:
Big room -- (4 girls- the negligible 4)
Medium room-- (me+ roomate - the fun2)
Small room + Living room -- (houselead 三人行)

Things started not bad. The fun2 were first-&-once getting along with the 三人行 quite well. We could hang out in mamak, occasionally. We talked about going for steamboat together and some other nasty things. I was once pleased to help around with the chores--"housekeeping". By this, I mean that when I cleaned my room, I cleaned the living room ( 三人行 's workplace) as well. I did so several times. I could proudly claim that I was sort of providing to the house. I didn't make "sharp" calculation with them, not at all.

This situation has changed, abruptly and I still try hard to think a reason for it. The 三人行 have became hostile to the fun2. They turn a bizarre face to us, perhaps should say their true face. The conflict didn't surface until one day the house lead asked me to move my big table, (left behind by ex-housemate) out for public use. Instead, he got me a run-down small table. Yea, he claimed it's to be put in the living room, so that everyone in the house can use it for whatever reasons, like eating, cooking, studying, etc, conveniently. I was too reckless and I accepted the request, as it's for everyone's interest. However, I still haven't found out how the everyone's interest comes into picture. They use it all time. My workplace has thereafter become a rundown and uncomfortable table. This is the onset of my bosong-ness! I think I'd got enough of them.

The tap in the kitchen snapped. One of the 三人行 is a freaking "vandal" who broke it. They got a pipeman to come and fix it. The maintenance was shared by everyone. This amazed me and made me to think much. Our house is given a parking lot, which we rent out for RM100/month. The house lead collects the money. Initially, I suppose that this money is collected as house fund, which is to be spent on wear-and-tear of the house or streamyx subscription. But then, when I questioned the house lead as to where the money goes, he said it's the house rule that the houselead takes this money. He explained to me about his cumbersome responsibilities to the house, in turn to us. None went into my ears. It's all craps. All he needs to do is to settle the bills before they due. It happened once when all the girls moved out and left the master room empty. The house lead said we all need to share its rent in addition to ours. Apparently he has been eating all the money. Well, I do agree that he should take charge of the money, but not the "full amount". If I were to stay for long, I'll overthrow him.

This even amazes me more. They always cook, for lunch and dinner. Thus, they create rubbish and also they use the best part of the gas.
Two things here:
--They always complain to us for not helping to clear the rubbish. Sometimes, their food remains get rotten in the dustbin and terrible smell comes out. I don't care. It doesn't seep into my room.
Gas -- The houselead shamelessly claim the gas money from each and everyone of us in the house. I am certain that they use almost 99% of the gas. Really WTF.

One more things, the fun2 are the biggest stake holder of the house. We each pay double the amount of their individual rent. They even pay less the than the girl's rent. Supposedly, we should be the ones in charge but the otherwise happens.

Is it all because that our rent is temporary?