Monday, June 8, 2009

Eat out in KL

It's the birthday of a friend of mine, Doodai when I actually carried out foodhunting in the virtual world, the net. 康城茶之屋, one of the many episodes of Ho Chak particularly caught my attention.Yuppp, it was indeed a foodhunt. We initially had no clue at all about the location of the restaurant. In fact, little did you know about a place by the name "Genting Klang".

The feasting turned out to be great. Amazingly, the restaurant is very much like home-eating style. As in everybody that comes in really feels at home. First of all, shoes off before entering the dining area. Asides this, we had to sit on the floor(Nippon style). While waiting for the orders to arrive, we got to play "literally-noisy" board game. It simply reminds you of home.

In bowls are 葡萄牙式雞飯,意大利蛋捲 is served on the hidden plate.
Both are dishes of signature

My Portuguese grill fish-->Not bad.

He can never be happier than this, what do you think?

It is this homey + Nippon style.

Second spot of foodhunt--> Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee
Well, I had eaten this a couple of times, yet I still haven't had enough of it. Ironically enough that I'm never into a Pan Mee. Well, It simply makes the best chili Pan Mee in the town. It takes me a trip and some walking to get there but I thought this is worthwhile. Check out the links below. One of them is like stupidity in disguise. Guess yourself which one of them. Link 1; Link 2.

Next up -- Midvalley Oasis foodcourt Portuguese Grill Fish. View. If only you like spicy food, it surely can satisfy your taste buds.

Last--Jalan Alor, somewhere in Bukit Bintang. We had a marvelous dinner in a restaurant. We order several seafood -- Ikan Bakar, Oyster fried with eggs, sambal la la and sambal kangkong. All the dishes tasted delicious and it wasn't that pricey. Definitely a revisit from me.

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