Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuck in the room.

Gosh...It's Saturday. Everybody has " chao". I got left out of joys. Some are doing "investment" uphill -- I guess most probably they are playing with the speculation shares (high risks high gain, hopefully). Some are downtown polishing their "throats" with mic. Instead of going with the wrong companions and becoming more agitated, I choose to pull out and stay home. At the minimal, I gotta rest, online, chat, blog or whatever it is. Totally not in the mood to get down to my business yet -- slides!

But yea, I have had good blast over the week. Caught "Drag Me to Hell" which is well-horrifying. Probably the good audio system made up the vibe. Say you like horrors, go watch it in cinema.

Gotta played in a FIFA size futsal court. It's much bigger than that we normally play. We were fortunate to have 14 players. Or else, everybody surely went punctured. I took advantage of more spacious court to penetrate through the defense. Well, I used to be a field soccer player. Futsal court is simply too small for me. Arh...there's this English-Australian player who made real powerful shot. He almost shook the goal post. Lol...

Arh...I had a chikuteh in Suzi Corner. Chikuteh is a chicken version of bakuteh, what's an improvisation, isn't it? It's tasted almost like bakuteh, not bad. I just found out the pricing in mamak is quite kidding. Plain rice = RM1.50; Fried egg = RM 1. Inflation! Inflation!

Encountered an intolerable round "shemale" teen with two females in train. Yea, "she" is round. "She" might be thinking that "she" talks, moves or whatever is it gracefully, but I just thought it is entirely the other way around. Well, I don't know "her", and I don't know why I'm damn annoyed by "her". Perhaps "She" is just not the amusing type out of lots! Yea...this thing is gaining in number.

Counting down the weeks left to leave here lo...time flies.

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