Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About Ipod Nano

I bought an Ipod Nano early this year. Since then it has become my "buddie". I've been taking good care of it but all to no avail. Perhaps the quality control of apple isn't as stringent as expected! Talking about possibility lar. Well, it actually got assembled in China. My gadget was down last month. Its faultiness is somewhat related to the battery which failed to be charged all times.

I was very frustrated until I decided to seek for "medical attention" from Machine Plus, an Apple Private Hospital. I was happy with the manners they handle customers who come to them with faulty products, be it i-mac, ipod...etc. However, there's one thing that nearly shocked me to "h*ll". Someone was picking up a new Ipod Nano as his old one had suffered dead battery. Yea, an absolutely new Ipod he got!

I tried to probe things out with the technician. He was honest enough to inform me that they have been getting quite a number complaints of Nano with dead battery. The rough figure is like 3 weekly, all related to battery problem.

I was like: Oh shit, my Nano's warranty is going to expire end of this year and then it become spoilt?!!! Pray hard that this is not happening.

And yea, I got a brand new Nano as a replacement for the faulty one. But I didn't get to choose other color. Erm...wonder if it just became unfix-able. How come they didn't fix it and return me the same Nano? Is this their marketing strategic to "please" their disappointed customers. Frankly speaking I feel valued though. I would say this is a tactical play by Apple.

New Nano, bagi off RM100, anybody?

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