Monday, June 22, 2009

Rock climbing

Early of this year, I heard of someone suggesting to go "rock climbing". I was like..."Are you sure"?!! How the hell it should be fun! Lol...but yea, I used to be this skeptical about it. I'm not sure how popular it is. As to my superficial knowledge, it's gaining recognition as well as acceptance as being a modern type of gym.

Until last Sunday, I did my very first rock climbing, out of thirst to go hiking but found no companion to come along. We went to a shop called something like "Mad Monkey". It is equipped with walls which are screwed with many "handles". Got no idea what's the right word to use. Paying a fee of RM14 for a day pass, we got our hands literally dirty and up with the wall. Yea, we needed to chalk-bath our hands to reduce friction grabbing the "handles". I thought it's rather easy but it's just the other way around. At the beginning, I was sustainably energetic to climb and used only the strength of my arm to support my body weight. This is called climbing like a bull. Consequently, I exhausted my biceps and they became too tense to even do simple pulling. As so, I was like physically "impaired" and became "big time loser". Earlier on, I was talking big that it's not a problem at all. Lol...damned it.

Well, it actually takes some skills to perform the climbing. For example, balancing out your body weight between legs and arms, using the right "handles", breathing, the right gesture for resting, and so on lar. There was a girl seems to be physically weak but she managed to climb long way. Well, she works in the shop and she is pretty well trained I supposed.

Something like her, Queen of R.C! Indeed meticulous!

As I was so running out of strength, I could only manage to beat the simplest "route". The other people were not bad. Well it's their second times mar.

I spoke to a guy who told me that this indoor climbing is much more exhaustive than mountaineering. The ratio is like 3:3 --> 3 months: 3 years. I'm not sure how true his statement is, but then I am now suffering a real bad muscular pain. I guess it works very well for muscle building. In fact, it's regarded as a modern gym.

Camp 5
-- the Asia biggest indoor rock climbing provider.

There were people who climb horizontally with their backs facing down.
Just like the above two.
Really incredible.


Johnny Ong said...

its not easy and the muscular pain is definitely unbearable if we climb often

Chemhoster said...

Yea man, it has been like four days, the pain still remains. It seems that somebody is gaining some muscle. Great!