Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wait . Action . Money

While having dinner at PapaRich Kopitiam somewhere in Sri Rampai last night, I simply threw out the gang an idea to go jogging the next morning. Well, the idea was prompted by someone who suggested going OldTown Kopitiam for breakfast the next morning.

Spontaneity always work well with us. This morning, I mean Sunday morning, the gang got up as early as 7am for the morning exercise. To get away from conventional route, we simply roomed and managed to find out a friggin park. It's a rather elusive spot in KL. It's very much green. Air was quite fresh. The yesterday downpour has cleared the haze. So, it's somewhat of cooling and refreshing. The jogging track stretches along a seems-to-be non-polluted river with bushes along the other side of it. I would say it's a fine spot for any morning exercise.

Done with jogging, We had a grasp for air in the middle of playground, waterblowing, cooling down or whateva it is. There goes an interesting incident.

Melvin who just got back from his "business" alerted us of some red notes on the floor somewhere in proximity where there're actually two malay teens playing. We thought to recover the notes after they left the scene.. Yea, we were this dishonest! We waited for quite a while before I actually reached to a conclusion that the two were actually aware of the notes and they were doing what we were doing. So, I wittily walked towards them, pointed my finger to the notes and subtly asked:

Me: Hey, wang ni you jatuh ke?
They: Tak.
Me: Tau tak siape yang jatuh wang ni?
They: Erm...yang pakai cermin mate tu ko. (pointing to a friend of mine)

I picked up the money, turned around and walked to my friends there to confirm.

Me: Hey, your money meh?
Xiao Hui: Erm...(korek her pocket inside out. Took out only a packet of tissue.)

I turned back to the two malays and gave (fake) a smile. Evil? hahaha...

Well, I was about to burst out laughing. Earlier on, she told me that she brought out a 50 note. The thing is her acting, response or whatever it is, was pretty natural until the other two of my friends were actually amazed and confused. Well, little so was I.

With RM10 gain, (haha...a bit disappointing), we walked to OldTown Kopitiam for breakfast. It's located somewhere in Sri Rampai, near to PapaRich Kopitiam. Noteworthy that it's a fine spot for dine-in as well. Classic interior, spacious dining lounge, air-conditioned, comfortable seats.

A morning of marvels!

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