Saturday, September 26, 2009

Heading North - Bk Mertajam (BM)

My oversea trip had "gone boiling soup". To make up for it, I went north to BM with some hometown dudes. Pathetic? Somehow yes but BM isn't that bad. Like the neighbourhood Penang, BM can fairly be claimed as "heaven of delicacies".

Here go some snapshots:

Penang Steamboat buffet- Cheap. Beautiful. Nice.
RM18/pax - So so many choices of food from which to choose. Even SHARK FINS is provided.

St Annes, historical french catholitic church.

At the entrance.

Trek that extends to the statue as captured in the next photo.
I think this photo is marvelous. What u think?

Seeing from some distance, the Statue of Jesus Christ being crucified.

Statue of Mary, Jesus's Mother.

It started to drizzle. So we drove off to next station. Its name is unknown to me. The only clue I have about it is that it's some 20 mins drive from St Annes. I think it's an ideal place for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In fact, it's a popular spot for jungle trekking or evening exercise for the locals.

Tea Spa in the middle of jungle. The atmosphere was moistly.
The air was refreshing. The surrounding is green. Peace prevails.
We got to sip the japanese green tea . It's a total relax and time passed damn fast here.

Dropped by Autocity as well. A place which situates lots of automotive companies, eateries, and goodies shops.

Miniature of The Penang Bridge.

Splendid SOHO eatery. Romantic, isn't it?

The recommendated food around BM:
Cup rice - Kup Bui (hokien)
Yam rice - Yam Bui
Black white people rojak - O bei lang rojak
Shao bao
Egg tart
Pls get a local to bring you around. There are a lot more discoveries to be made.

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